Important info about TONIGHT'S BUST-OUT!

Posted by lisa carmen on August 18, 2017 at 9:45 PM

Summer 2017 Burlesque Experience Bust-Out

Friday, August 18th, 2017

"The Quixotic World" Theatre House

2824 Main Street

Dallas TX 75226

$20 at door or online. VIP tickets sold out." target="_blank">Purchase GA tickets here.

Doors open at 8. Show starts at 9.


The World's Greatest Burlesque Audience! That's YOU!


Please read for important info about our upcoming “BUST-OUT”...

Online box office closes day of show, at 4p.

You can also pay at the door, cash preferred, please! Credit cards also accepted. 


You can print the Yapsody tickets, or when you check in, refer to the name of the credit card holder that the purchase was made by. This is especially important if someone purchased your ticket for you. Most importantly, you must know the name of your ticket purchaser.


There are numerous paid parking lots in Deep Ellum on Main or one block over, most of them in the $5-7 range. There is limited street parking as well, you will need to feed the meter.

Be sure to pay your lot or your meter- they boot cars in this neighborhood and wouldn't that be a sucky way to end your night? 

When looking for the building (corner of Main and Malcolm X in Deep Ellum),  look for a large RED corner building, with red carpet, velvet ropes and red lights outside.


Doors open at 8p, cocktails, shopping, mixing and mingling til 9.

Show runs from about 9 to about 10:30. Afterglow Dance Party til 12!


First burlesque show?

Yay! We love burlesque ‘virgins!” Do expect some naughty fun and sexy dances. There will be stripping, sexual innuendo, sexual comedy and tantalizingly sensual and erotic numbers.

There will be plenty of skin, booty and booby flashing, but no“technical” nudity, cuz Texas state law prohibits it. (ie, no nips, bare cracks or crotch.)

Expect everything else.

Hootin', hollerin', whistling and carrying-on is highly encouraged. Heckling is in terrible taste and will not be tolerated.

What's unique about our shows vs. other burlesque shows is that the women are performing for the very first time. Ask yourself what kind of audience YOU would want if you were stripping in front of 200+ people for the first time, and then be that audience!  

You are not just going to a show! You are helping create a life-changing experience and memories that will last forever for these brave and beautiful women.

Wondering what to wear?

There is no enforced dress code for this event, but it’s a SEXY venue and a sexy show… so wear what makes you feel sexy!

"Dress to express!"

Vintage, pin-up, corsets, cocktail and burlesque-style couture highly encouraged. We love feathers, fishnets and flowers! (Plenty of lovely hair flowers available for donations, if you need help accessorizing!) Men, I dare you to break out that suit and fedora. It will add to the fun fantasy feel of the evening!


VERY IMPORTANT! The Privacy Rule

To respect the privacy of our performers, NO PICTURES or video during the show. Feel free to snap away BEFORE or AFTER the show, but please honor the confidentiality of the women involved by not taking any images during their performances. We have authorized photographer and videographer to do so. Take lots of mental pictures, though.

Raffle tickets!

100% of raffle ticket sales goes directly to replenish our Burlesque Experience Scholarship Fund.

This fund has kepttthis program accessible to women of various financial means. Each semester, we have students come through that might not otherwise have been able to, without some financial support. Nearly half of our current students have received sholarship assistance.

When you buy raffle tickets, you help dreams come true!

We're grateful for every contribution, and your support means so much. 

We have some awesome prizes to give away, too. Talk about "win-win!" Feeling lucky?

Keep your eye out for our traveling "Flower Babe" selling tickets and hair flowers. Tickets are $1.00 and you get a free hair flower when you buy 5!


We are excited to have a handful of fun and exciting vendors for your shopping pleasure. Bring cash and credit cards and shop til you drop and support these local businesses!  We ask that you do your shopping before and after the show, and of course, during intermission.


Cash bar, credit cards accepted. Please drink responsibly and tip your bartender!


We can’t wait to see you at the show! You'll be seeing a whole lot of us!


Lisa Carmen




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