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Posted by lisa carmen on September 23, 2013 at 9:25 PM



So here we are, at the near-end of the Fall 2013 Burlesque Experience. Our big BUST-OUT show is this Friday and it's amazing and a little bewildering that it all seemed to fly by so fast.



This group has done nothing short of blow me away. Not just with their bravery and aplomb in the face of a very typical and not so typical variety of limiting stories, monkey chatter, and fears...  some have even pushed thru in the midst of big challenges, personal crisis, overwhelm, even job and relationship transitions...they have stayed the course. Literally and figuratively.



I have witnessed them in awe as they choose new stories, they are embracing their power and their beauty. They are reconnecting with their true selves. They are discovering new aspects of themselves.They are owning their sexy and finding their mojo. They are creative, powerful and mighty goddesses and I've been impressed with them and the unfolding of this exciting adventure, every step along the way.



It's not just all those things that I love about this Fall group. What I've really loved most about them is the emergence of sisterhood and support. Watching relationships unfold, hearts open, love spill... it's been gorgeous to watch, to be part of, to experience.



A couple years ago, I began some conversations with a reality show producer. He seemed to love the concept, but the more we talked the more it became clear that he was looking for drama... the cat-fights... competitiveness... the uglier side of women coming together. The "reality" of women-vs.-women relations.



"You have to understand," he said. "People want 'good TV'. Sooo... some of the women might not like the way they are portrayed...'" 



Needless to say, our conversations didn't last long. Because that is NOT The Burlesque Experience. That is NOT our Experience. There is a bonding, a sisterhood that happens, friendships form. There is love, bonding, undertstanding, growth and support. And if THAT doesn't make 'good TV'... I'm okay with that.



And I think most every woman who comes thru this program would agree with me: The Burlesque Experience is about much more than Burlesque. And it's truly one hell of an Experience.





Now ladies, LET'S PUT ON A SHOW!



With love, admiration and AWE,

Lisa Carmen

aka Carmen Diablo


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