You might be wondering... F.A.Q.

I've never performed on stage before. I'm not a dancer and can barely do the Chicken Dance at weddings. Is that a problem?? 

Problem? Are you kidding?  Short answer: NO.

I want to sign up but I'm scared. Can I change my mind?

You SHOULD be scared. You've never done anything so bold or outrageous. In fact, if you're NOT scared? Check your pulse.

Of course, if you sign up and then find that it's just not the right expression or right time or right universe you can withdraw.

If you decide to withdraw your registration at least 30 days before the first class, you will be refunded your deposit or tuition, minus a $50 cancellation processing fee.

There are no refunds available if canceling less than 30 days before the first session or once the course starts. In some cases, paid tuition can be applied to other SacredSexyU programs and/or events, if the Burlesque Experience is clearly not for you.

If you decide to stop during your Burlesque Experience, for any reason, and reinstate in another semester, you can do so for half the cost of tuition the semester you return. Please understand, in that case, that you are getting two spots, in this limited enrollment course for less than the standard price. This savings is in place to make it easier to return and have your Experience! This discount for a second semester only applies if your first semester's tuition was paid in full at time of withdrawing.  Outstanding balances from first semester will be applied to your returning semester's and will not include any tuition increases.

I'm overweight/flabby/scrawny/'too old'/have stretch marks and a cesarean scar/ yada yada this or that? can I still do this?

Yes. In fact ?perfect people? need not apply. Who among us is not without some unappreciated, pesky flaw we?d love to wish away? One of the main benefits you will receive from this Experience is learning to love yourself better, exactly as you are.  All body types, sizes and ages are welcome. In fact, the more variety we have in our group, the more exciting our show!

I'm painfully shy. How am I going to do this?

All are welcome. Perhaps your shyness can be worked into your character and while she dances, she morphs and strips into a bold,colorful butterfly or gypsy... your unique traits and personality can BECOME part of your routine. Or you can completely summon the courage of your "alter ego" - your inner burlesque dancer who loves to prance and dance in front of a roaring crowd!  Regardless, you will grow. You are stronger and bolder than you know.

"Courageous risks are life giving, they help you grow, 
make you brave and better than you think you are."  
- Joan L. Curcio

What's the difference between Burlesque and "strip club" stripping?

Burlesque and Stripping are very different. While both are titillating and provocative in their own ways, stripping's objective is revealing nudity. Burlesque's objective is to prolong the tease, just shy of nudity.  Burlesque also encourages playfulness and parody, and does not take itself too seriously.  It's been said "Strippers dance for money. Burlesque dancers strip for applause." While there are some Burlesque performers that actually make a living at dancing Burlesque, the essence of that statement is true in that Burlesque tends to be more focused on the pleasure and passion of the performer, and more lighthearted, playful, theatrical and flirtatious than stripping.

Yikes. I think I'm gonna need a drink. "Liquid Courage" will come in handy for this Experience!

Many of us are quite familiar with the confidence and brazenness that comes to us after a drink or two. However, we ask that you give yourself the fullness of this Experience by NOT resorting to "Liquid Courage" before or during class. We may hang out for a drink after rehearsals, but your sober and clear mind will be much more helpful than the fleeting courage you get from a pre-class cocktail.

Also, as uncomfortable as it might be at times, feeling the awkwardness, nervousness, stress and self-consciousness- all of it, unbuffered and untempered - is important and directly proportionate to the exhilaration and satisfaction you will feel when you accomplish your goals in this (or any) Experience.

Will there be homework?

Yes, you will be doing a lot of studying of other burlesque performances and shows (The most fun you'll ever have studying!) There is also the time you will spend planning your costume, crafting and practicing your routine, and receiving coaching from a B.E. coach, which you would schedule on your own, if desired.

There will also be supplemental, exclusive B.E. course videos for you to watch and study during your Experience, from the comfort of your own home.

You mean I have to come up with a dance routine all by myself? I told you, I can barely do the Chicken Dance!

While the development of your routine is ultimately your responsibility, you will receive group lessons, one-on-one coaching and plenty of feedback and support to perfect your routine in time for the show. There are several B.E. Coaches available for private coaching sessions, which vary in price and location.

Aside from tuition, what other expenses are there?

You will be responsible for your costume, pasties, accessories and lingerie for your stage performance.  You may have these pieces in your closet already, you can also find exciting pieces in thrift stores, Ebay and vintage shops. Also, as we discuss with each other as a group, you'll find that others are eager to lend you what you may not have! This doesn't have to break the bank- your creativity will go a long way!

There some additional optional expenses, and we have done our best to keep all other expenses affordable.  In fact, all of the additional fees are significantly less than what the instructors and artists charge the general public, because they believe in and support this Experience, and much of the costs are absorbed in your tuition. There is a professional hair and makeup available for $20 per service for the show and other nominal and optional incidentals like souvenir show DVD, photos and private coaching sessions.

Speaking of expenses, many of our preferred vendors offer exclusive discounts to our students! Perks!

Are there any other classes or meetings besides Tuesday nights?

Yes, just a couple. Photo shoot dates are usually Sunday and Monday nights, with three or four different dates to choose from. We meet for draft solo reviews on a Saturday afternoon, a week before the show.  And of course, the time you would spend on your solo with a B.E. coach, depending on your interest and schedule. The show itself is a Friday night.

Can I take the course without performing on stage at the end?

No one is forced to bust out on stage, but I'll tell you, it's definitely the focus and the climax, the pinnacle, so to speak!  200 women have come through, and no one has sat out the Bust-Out. And every one of those 200 women has had doubts and insecurities along the way! That's what makes this such a peak experience. Moving through those doubts and insecurities to the stage is a transformation part of the process. You'll be supported every step of the way. We ask that all students at least be open to performing at the end. You can make your decision while you are in the course, and chances are pretty strong that once you are in class, learning and growing, you may want to push yourself in this brave way.

If you cannot be open to performing at the end, we understand. There may be other courses and burlesque classes that are a better fit for what you are wanting to experience.

Where on earth do I find pasties?

Pasties are everywhere, once you start looking for them!

Some of our instructors and Alumni design custom-made pasties at affordable prices. There are others you will meet in the Experience with reliable resources and tips to share. They are also easily found online and in costume shops. 

"Only those who risk going too far can know how far they can go."
- Unknown source

Please note: No refunds for cancellations less than 30 days before the first class. If your plans to participate in the Burlesque Experience should change, and you cancel your registration 30 days or more before the start of class, your payment, less a $50 cancellation processing fee will be returned to  you. In the event that a refund is not issued due to our policy, a percentage of unused credit may be transferred and applied to other events or service.This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Bachelorette Parties!

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The Burlesque Experience is filling up fast! Your deposit locks in your spot! Save by paying in full.

What women are saying...

 "I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that has been buried for far too long." - Jazzmin Jewels, Spring 2011 Alumni

"What a wonderful, amazing experience. I would recommend this class for any woman for a variety of reasons. For me, it reminded me of what a sexy, confident, playful person I am. Lisa is right, it will change your life. You will know it the when it hits you. And after it's over you will try and find a way to keep coming back for more." - Velvet Purrr, Winter 2014 Alumni

"What an experience! The most amazing other than birthing my children. I must say, anyone thinking about doing this... stop thinking and do it!" - Voodoo Von Vixen, Winter 2014 Alumni

“The most magical time of my life! I never thought doing the Burlesque Experience would seduce me into all the wonderful facets of myself. I feel so blessed to have met Lisa. With her guidance and my wonderful partner's support, I am able to be me to the fullest. Living a life Ihad only dreamed about. I feel empowered, brave, and beautiful. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe it.” -Scarlet Peach, Summer 2011 Alumni

“The incredible spirit of thelegacy of women, the presence of the community and the self value is worth just one toe in the first pair of fishnets. I feel so much acceptance from being involved with this gorgeous group. I can't imagine life not having done this.” –Jewels La Rouge, Spring 2012 Alumni

 "Today I bought not one but two RED DRESSES. I never had one before. That about sums it up. I feel different somehow. This has been a most memorable experience." - Brooklyn Rose, Spring 2011 Alumni

"I already have an audition and a meet and greet coming up! I can't believe how this experience has changed my life for the better! Thanks so much....for EVERYTHING!"  - Moxie LaVeau, Spring 2011 Alumni

"You will enjoy every minute of this adventure!!!!" - Citrine Wonder, Fall 2011 Alumni

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