About SacredSexyU

SacredSexyU is the inspired lovechild of Lisa Carmen

Her sensuality coaching, classes, retreats, writings, teachings and gatherings are created to help women connect with their true beauty, their divine femininity and their most powerful expressions. The very essence of this program promises that...

  • joy is accessible
  • bliss is possible
  • you CAN have DIRECT access to more sensuality, confidence and courage than you ever imagined.

These offerings and programs will help you feel...
  • stronger
  • connected to your true power
  • more pleasure and passion in the "here and now"
  • bolder and braver than you have ever felt.

The SacredSexyU coaching program and your commitment to our work together will create REAL results:
  • Your life will become richer, fuller and more vibrant and fun.
  • You will have more energy to do the things you love to do.
  • You will become a magnet, attracting more of the people, situations and experiences that thrill you and none of those that don't!
  • You will tap into your own true beauty and radiate in ways that will cause those around you to stop and take notice.
  • Exciting opportunities to express yourself will show up like crazy once you open the door to the passionate adventure that awaits you!

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows who she is, and uses her grace and sex appeal as a divine tool for self-expression.

There is nothing more sacred than an empowered, self-actualized woman who fully embodies her life, sets the world on fire with her zeal and rocks a pair of fishnets with sublime magical prowess. 

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Bachelorette Parties!

Planning Bachelorette Party?
How about a Burlesque Party?
Flirty fun, magnetic moves, various packages available.

Info here!

The Burlesque Experience is filling up fast! Your deposit locks in your spot! Save by paying in full.

What women are saying...

 "I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that has been buried for far too long." - Jazzmin Jewels, Spring 2011 Alumni

"What a wonderful, amazing experience. I would recommend this class for any woman for a variety of reasons. For me, it reminded me of what a sexy, confident, playful person I am. Lisa is right, it will change your life. You will know it the when it hits you. And after it's over you will try and find a way to keep coming back for more." - Velvet Purrr, Winter 2014 Alumni

"What an experience! The most amazing other than birthing my children. I must say, anyone thinking about doing this... stop thinking and do it!" - Voodoo Von Vixen, Winter 2014 Alumni

“The most magical time of my life! I never thought doing the Burlesque Experience would seduce me into all the wonderful facets of myself. I feel so blessed to have met Lisa. With her guidance and my wonderful partner's support, I am able to be me to the fullest. Living a life Ihad only dreamed about. I feel empowered, brave, and beautiful. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe it.” -Scarlet Peach, Summer 2011 Alumni

“The incredible spirit of thelegacy of women, the presence of the community and the self value is worth just one toe in the first pair of fishnets. I feel so much acceptance from being involved with this gorgeous group. I can't imagine life not having done this.” –Jewels La Rouge, Spring 2012 Alumni

 "Today I bought not one but two RED DRESSES. I never had one before. That about sums it up. I feel different somehow. This has been a most memorable experience." - Brooklyn Rose, Spring 2011 Alumni

"I already have an audition and a meet and greet coming up! I can't believe how this experience has changed my life for the better! Thanks so much....for EVERYTHING!"  - Moxie LaVeau, Spring 2011 Alumni

"You will enjoy every minute of this adventure!!!!" - Citrine Wonder, Fall 2011 Alumni

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